Iraqi Mass Company Dohuk Power Plant Project


In September 2009, MASS signed a contract with Suzhou Sinoma for the construction of Dohuk Power Plant. This project is the first power plant project undertaken by our company in the Iraqi reservoir area. Subsequently, based on the electricity demand in the Iraqi reservoir area, MASS invested in two new power plants in the Kurdish region of Iraq, namely: Erbil Power Plant and Sulaymaniyah Power Plant. These three power plants are all designed by ABB of Germany. The main equipment is an American GE gas turbine. The power generation capacity of a single unit is about 200MW. Suzhou Sinoma undertakes the on-site engineering construction of the project. * Content: The development of the power plant project is based on the success of the cooperation between Suzhou Sinoma and MASS in the cement project, and is also an extension of Suzhou Sinoma's business in the Iraqi market.