Iraq Karbala Transformation Project


Iraq's Karbala Cement Plant is a dry cement production line built in Iraq in the 1970 s. At that time, it was designed and built by the German Berijus Company. After the war and changes in Iraq, around 2010, the international well-known building materials company French Lafarge Company and the Iraqi government reached an agreement to transform and repair it. Subsequently, in August 2012, Lafarge signed a renovation contract with Suzhou Sinoma, and Suzhou Sinoma was responsible for the implementation of the renovation project installation and other construction projects on site.

At the end of 2012, Suzhou Sinoma officially entered the scene. During this period, it experienced various difficulties and withdrew from the scene due to the chaos of ISIS in Iraq. Through close cooperation and joint efforts with the owners, the first-line renovation project was gradually completed and put into operation in March 2015. At the same time, part of the second line renovation project has been launched, the second line renovation is still in progress.