Overcome Difficulties Innovate Management: Two and a Half Months Ahead of Schedule,Successful Ign


Indonesia Bayah 10000t/d clinker production line II is ignited successfully as expected at 08:08 local time, March 18, 2020. GAMA Group chairman Ganda and his project management team attend this ignition ceremony and highly praise the project for fulfilling its promise to achieve the ignition two and a half months ahead of schedule. Shen Jun, chairman and secretary of the party committee of Sinoma International (Nanjing), and executive director of Sinoma (Suzhou), Yin Zhisong, general manager of Sinoma International (Nanjing), Zhou Yangming, secretary of the party committee of Sinoma (Suzhou), and Lin Zhong, general manager of Sinoma (Suzhou), congratulate the ignition by remote video.  

This project is contracted as EPC by Sinoma International (Nanjing) and Sinoma (Suzhou) is responsible for the construction organization. According to the contract agreement, the project starts on August 1, 2018, with a construction period of 22 months, and the clinker is scheduled to be produced on May 31, 2020. At the request of the owner, Shen Jun led a team to Indonesia on November 10, 2019 to discuss the early ignition. After full investigation and communication, senior officials of the two sides reached a consensus in Jakarta on the advancing the ignition to March 18, 2020.

The project is located in Bayah Town, Lebak County, Banten Province, a 5-hour drive from Jakarta. In the face of unfavorable factors such as inconvenient transportation, poor geological conditions, long rainy season, narrow construction site, tight construction period and epidemic situation, the project team overcame the difficulties and innovated ideas to improve construction quality and efficiency by optimizing construction organization and scientific management. Cost decreasing and benefit increasing are achieved by the development of administrative localization, design optimization, global coordination and resource allocation, etc.

The construction peak in Spring Festival coincides with the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. All the members of the project department are aware of the general situation and bear in mind the overall situation. They stick to their posts and concentrate their efforts to promote the construction. The project management department set up an epidemic prevention command team in time to control the work of epidemic prevention and construction at the same time. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, many times of special meetings and epidemic prevention training and the deployment of epidemic prevention measures promote the employees' ability and confidence in epidemic prevention comprehensively, so as to effectively protect the health of employees. Meanwhile, during the construction expediting, the construction personnel was in need urgently and the equipment manufacturer’s service personnel for commissioning was absent. In order to overcome these difficulties, the solution of the regional coordination and remote control was made to ensure the progress of project construction and commissioning.

From the commissioning of the first single equipment to the successful realization of the ignition target ahead of time, Bayah Line II project takes only 23 days. Efficient performance is the result of the strong support from the company's leadership, the full cooperation of all departments in the head office and overseas branches and the joint efforts of all the staff of the project. Company leaders pay high attention to it with daily communication and coordination mechanism and organize the weekly meetings attended by the relevant departments in head office to follow up the project progress and solve the practical problems in a timely manner. Party members, represented by project manager Wang Xiaojun, form a party commando which dares to take their responsibility, has the courage to face challenges and fight a hard battle. They give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members to rally strength and boost morale. All members of the project unite as one, carrying forward the spirit of Sinoma (Suzhou) “especial ability to endure hardships, fight and contribute”. They make every endeavor to overcome difficulties, work overtime and complete various tasks with quality and quantity on the premise of ensuring safety construction.

The project is ignited and put into production two and a half months ahead of schedule, which will create huge economic and social benefits for the owner and lay a solid foundation for deepening multi-field cooperation between our company and Gama Group. The successful implementation of the project not only tests our company's ability to organize and deal with major emergencies, but also further accumulates experience in global resource allocation, information application and other aspects, and enhances our company's ability to perform international projects.

Overcome Difficulties    Innovate Management: Two and a Half Months Ahead of Schedule,Successful Ign

Overcome Difficulties    Innovate Management: Two and a Half Months Ahead of Schedule,Successful Ign

Overcome Difficulties    Innovate Management: Two and a Half Months Ahead of Schedule,Successful Ign

Overcome Difficulties    Innovate Management: Two and a Half Months Ahead of Schedule,Successful Ign